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A Grower's Guide for Bird Management in berry fields

Welcome to your guide to using raptors and various devices for bird management in blueberries and other berries. This site was built in 2009 with the support of the Oregon and Washington blueberry commissions. It has been updated since then.

Bird Management- information on bird management techniques, ways to evaluate which method is best for you, and certain pest birds species.

Falconry- an introduction to managing pest birds using abatement falconry techniques, traditional falconry techniques, considerations when choosing a raptor pest bird abatement program, and commonly asked questions about falconry, habitat enhancement, and bird management.

Falconry in Pest Bird Management- types of falconers and the cost of various raptor programs.

Choosing a Falconer- recommendations for those who are considering hiring a falconer to control pest bird populations.

Abatement Falconry Business Models - ways that some growers implement raptor programs on-farm.

Habitat Enhancement- an introduction to what is known about the efficacy of habitat enhancement for bird management.

Perches- information on the placement, size and maintenance of perches.

Nesting Boxes- information on the placement, size and maintenance of nesting boxes, and a list of raptors commonly found in the Pacific Northwest.

Resources- a list of companies that offer abatement falconry, links to perch and nesting box designs, and studies and articles on using raptors for bird management.


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