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Bird abatement

When trying to get rid of birds that damage crops, there are two ways to attack the problem.

Within each method there are multiple choices.

Scare tactics

  • Loud noises broadcasted across the field, such as cannon or bird distress calls can be effective. They are humane and inexpensive.
  • Attracting raptors to the field by putting up perches or buiding nesting boxes. Once raptors take up residence, pest birds are less likely to visit the field.
  • Falcons

    There are three types of falconers you can use to do bird abatement in your fields:

    What to look for in a falconer
    Regardless of the type of falconer you use for bird abatement, there are basic characteristics and skills to look for before hiring someone to reduce pest birds on your farm. See Choosing a Falconer for a list.

    Each falconer has varying cost inputs to cover. Of the falconers and growers we interviewed, falconry program costs ranged from $300 to $1000 per day, with the majority of programs closer to the middle range of $600 a day.

    See Abatement Falconry Business Models for the estimated cost of various business models.


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