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Berry Recovery Project for Growers and Producers

why join the project?

You pour time and expensive inputs into growing quality fruit, so when it’s time to harvest, you should recoup as much value as possible from your fields. When you participate in the project, you gain value through:

  • Reducing hunger in your community

  • Reducing food waste on your farm

  • Generating positive attention for the PNW berry industry

  • Receiving a tax credit for your donation.


Some examples of when to call us to coordinate a fruit pick up and donation to a food redistribution center:

• When a buyer falls through without notice

• When there is unsold inventory in your storage

• When line sorting results in a portion of fruit with color, sizing, or weight issues

If you want to donate imperfect fruit without impacting your company’s reputation for high quality product, we can arrange to repack you donation into containers that don’t have your logo on it before the fruit is redistributed to those who need it.

Fresh donations

Next time you have surplus fruit in your fields, think about hosting one of our trained & endorsed volunteer harvest partner crews. We’ll match you with a group in your area who can work according to the standards and rules you need, such as GAP and FSMA.

Some examples of when to contact us to request a volunteer harvest crew:

  • When a field needs to be cleaned up between commercial harvests

  • When fruit has cosmetic issues like size or color

  • When there isn’t sufficient labor, or when the cost of labor doesn’t justify commercial harvesting