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Case Study: Falconry for Bird Control

“Grower B”

Grower B was approached by an out-of-state abatement falconer several years ago. Within a week, the falconer had lost his bird and spent a good portion of the day trying to hunt it down.


Abatement falconer agreed to split his cost between three growers. The abatement falconer used a single raptor.

Grower Satisfaction

The grower wasn’t seeing results in his field, so he let the falconer go.


The grower agreed to pay him by splitting the cost between three growers, which came to about $75 per grower per day for bird management.


This grower has cherries and clover near his field, which keeps pest birds in the area even out of blueberry season.


Low-cost, split between growers.


  • No previous relationship with the falconer.

  • No recommendations from previous growers.

  • Falconer could not replace his raptor if needed/ had no supplemental birds.

  • Falconer may have been over extended.