Case Study: Falconry Business Model

“Grower Insurance”

A group of growers who don’t usually have significant bird problems buy insurance from an abatement falconer or abatement falconry company. The falconer may patrol each farm regularly, but targets specific areas with a significant bird problem. Growers would use alternate methods throughout the season that include, but do not solely rely on, abatement falconry.


Depends on the size of the insurance pool- between $50,000-$100,000 total.


Potential low cost.


  • Assumes all growers will not have a large problem at the same time.

  • Falconer enters the field after pest birds have arrived.

  • Requires a consistent group of people with definite bird threat.

  • Grower properties cannot be too close to one another. If a falconer works in fields that are in close proximity, the pest bird damage may simply move from field to field rather than leave the area completely.