See the July 1, 2018 pesticide registration update (From Joe DeFrancesco, Oregon State University).

Note from Joe DeFrancesco:

“The most recent “official” pesticide registration update for the Berry Commissions was July 1, 2018. What’s not on the lists for caneberries is Exirel insecticide for control of SWD and weevils, which is a new registration and was labeled just this past December (Go here for Exirel caneberry label)

This list of registrations is included on the July 1, 2018 update. I’ve included a copy of the labels, for your review, as some of these are supplemental labels or SLN labels and may be difficult to find online.”

SWD Field Trials 2010 backpack.jpg

updated blueberry and raspberry MRL chart 

See the updated blueberry and raspberry MRL chart for the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the European Union. Chart c/o Bryant Christie, Inc.