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For more than 20 years the Small Fruit Update has been a central channel featuring on-time information such as regional crop reports, seasonal blueberry bud development stages, industry news, pest management tips, weather warnings, and a calendar filled with industry related events.

How it Works

All ads run on our publication and website for 1 week during prime season (March-September), or for 2 weeks during off season (October through February).

Full Page (7” x 9. 5")

$ 1000 Per Ad
  • Circulates on social media platforms

Quarter Page (3"x 4")

$ 250 Per Ad
  • Bundle for best value pricing
  • Circulates on social media platforms
  • Off-season benefit: place your ad in our publication for the next month.
Best Value

Half Page (7” x 4”)

$ 500 Per Ad
  • Circulates on social media platforms
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Even if your ad is designed with Northwest Berry Foundation’s design team, you have rights to the original file(s). 

Yes. as long as your design meet our qualifying criteria specified here, you are welcome to use your own ad.

All ads run on our publication and website for 1 week during prime season (March-September), or for 2 weeks during off season (October through February).

Yes you can run as many ads as you like. Typically, we only have four (4) spots for a quarter sized ad, two half ads or a full page per publication. This ensures that all ads are given premium space for people to view ads in our publication.

Design services take 24-48 hours to complete your ad request. All submissions are to be in no later than 11am on Mondays (to ensure that your ad will run that Wednesday). Alternatively, your ad will circulate in the following publication.

Yes! We understand that your brand or service is extremely important and we ask that you proof ALL designs before we circulate. The design team usually provides a timeframe for you to do so.

Yes! One of the benefits of our pricing structure is that its based on specified dimensions and not ad type

Yes! Please see the following links to view sample for our Quarter Page (3” x 4″) and Half Page (7” x 4″) refer to this page to view different ad types and what their sizes look like in the Small Fruit Update.

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