Blueberry Crop Management

Information on managing pests, plant diseases, nutrition, weeds, and other aspects of blueberry crop production.

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Blueberry Pest Management Guide for the Willamette Valley

Oregon State University  Extension Service 2018

Nutrient Management for Blueberries in Oregon

Oregon State University  Extension Service 2006

Integrated Pest Management for Northwest Washington Blueberries

A Guide to Sampling and Decision Making for Key Blueberry Pests in Northwest Washington.

BC Blueberry Field Guide

Field Guide to identification of insect pests, diseases and other disorders in blueberries.

BC Blueberry Production Guide

Management schedule and information on varieties, new plantings site selection, established plantings, weeds, insects, diseases, and viruses.

Blueberry quality and plant nutrition

MSU Extension, 2014. Excellent information on calcium, urea and late fertilizer applications in blueberries.

Michigan State University Blueberry Guide

Growth stages, nutrition, pest information