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A Grower's Guide for Bird Management in Berry Fields

Getting Started with Bird Control- information on bird management techniques, ways to evaluate which method is best for you, and how to evaluate whether your bird management program is effective.

Falconry- an introduction to managing pest birds using abatement falconry techniques, traditional falconry techniques, considerations when choosing a raptor pest bird abatement program, and commonly asked questions about falconry, habitat enhancement, and bird management.

Falconry for Bird Control- types of falconers and the cost of various raptor programs.

Choosing a Falconer- recommendations for those who are considering hiring a falconer to control pest bird populations.

Abatement Falconry Business Models - ways that some growers implement raptor programs on-farm.

Habitat Enhancement- an introduction to what is known about the efficacy of habitat enhancement for bird management.

Perches- information on the placement, size and maintenance of perches.

Nesting Boxes- information on the placement, size and maintenance of nesting boxes, and a list of raptors commonly found in the Pacific Northwest.

Resources- a list of companies that offer abatement falconry, links to perch and nesting box designs, and studies and articles on using raptors for bird management.