Small Fruit Update Week 40, 2022
There aren’t many people in this world that will gamble on the weather to make a living.
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Small Fruit Update Week 40, 2022

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Blueberry Bud Development

View blueberry development photos for varieties Patriot, Bluejay, Draper, Duke, Top Shelf, Liberty, Aurora, Last Call, Calypso.*

* Not all years are reported for Calypso.

2016 – 2022:

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SFU: Week 26

Small Fruit Update Week 26, 2022

Like the weather, insect populations have been strangethis year. Lygus bugshave been found in beneficial habitats and strawberry fields as early as April

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SFU: Week 29

Small Fruit Update Week 29, 2022

Fruit is coming off, and preliminary reports are that strawberry yields are about average. It’s too early to tell for other fruits but blueberries..